July 2008. I don’t exactly remember how we got the idea, but somehow, Andy Burr, Shingo Ohkawa and I had decided to start something of a climbing club.  We could care less about the community involvement, we just wanted to get more of the ignored routes in the Wasatch involved in the lives of current climbers.

So this was posted on mountainproject.com

The no star club is underway. 
Why look for the Wasatch Select when you can rejuvinate an old classic? The only rule of our little group is this: Overall pitch count must be GREATER than the number of stars you accumulate throught the day. If you warm up on the first pitch of the Green A, (3 stars) you must climb at least 3 zero star pitches to get back under par. 

No Star Tuesdays will be at the green-a gulley this week. plenty of options up there: 

this is almost the place 11d 
suprise ending 11b 
goodro’s nightmare 5.8 
green-a (pitch 3) 5.7 
st. alponso’s pancake breakfast 5.9+ 
why me? 10d 

fun starts around 4pm, just come on up. 

bring a hat (to keep the gravel out of your hair), long sleeves (unless you want road rash), your bad shoes (so you don’t ruin your new ones), beer (to wash the dirt out of your mouth), bbq brush (for pointless cleaning). and jock strapes w/ cup and/or catchers masks are optional. 


We were met with skepticism.


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