NST’s first meeting.

Who knew the Green A Gully held so many gems? The first 6 attendees yesterday received a free club t-shirt.
The agenda was as follows:
We opened up with Goodroo’s Nightmare (5.8). The first pitch was an excellent (and surprisingly clean!) tight hands in a right facing corner for approx. 40′.

After overcoming some scruffly ledges we encountered the namesake of the route. The OW/squeeze which apparently gave Harold Goodroo fits.


This pitch was followed by the third pitch of the Green A (5.7). You may be thinking “But Zac! the Green A gets 3 stars! that can’t be good for your rule.” We came to the decision that the star rating for the Green A only includes the first pitch. What percentage of people lower off of those chains at the top of the first pitch? That is all I have ever done prior to yesterday.

This is Almost the Place (11d) was next on the list. An excellent looking right leaning crack just around the corner from the the first pitch of the Green A. This one was burly! The crack itself was not too dirty, but a good clean foot was impossible to come by. The BBQ brushes came out a bit, but not quite enough to call the route “clean.” I may head back this weekend or early next week to finish the job. and go for the redpoint? It has more sustained OW than most other of the “wide cracks” found in the Wasatch.

Stormy Resurrection (11b) saw a few ascents, but luckily, this superb route only gets 1 star from the Ruckmans. We were fairly safe after the three zero-star pitches at the beginning of the day.

St. Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast (5.9) was attempted, but aborted due to the quick evacuation of daylight. A variation we aspire to call St. Alphonso’s Catfish Dinner may be in the works.
A few ice-cold PBR’s from the soft igloo cooler saw us back to the cars safely despite the lack of headlamps.

The final numbers:
6 people.
6 T-shirts
(nearly) 24 pitches
2 stars
18 Blue Ribbons.
– All photos courtesy of Andrew Burr


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