No Star Tuesdays is back in action this week. The plan of attack is the Crescent Crack Buttress to investigate Kut Korner (5.5 chimney) to Paraplegic Ward (5.9 A0 or 5.11), Journey to the Moon (5.10), Body English (5.9 Chimney), and/or Rainy Day Blues (5.11a handcrack?!?!?!) There are plenty of zero stars to help keep averages down and some 1 stars that sound promising as well.

Shingo and I will try to head out early in the day (10am or so?) and someone should be around all day. The familiar yellow shirts will be out, but just look for the BBQ brushes and sounds of gravel falling and muffled cursing if you aren’t quite sure who to approach.

Just remember our only rule: The only rule is that your average star rating must be less than 1. This means that total pitch count must be greater than the total number of “stars.”

Spread the word and let us know if you have any questions.




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