Yep.  That is exactly what you think it is.  And only one of about 6 that we found.  I just don’t understand.  I guess I am just not really a romantic at heart.

We spent the day near the Gate Buttress parking area.  We founds loads of trash, made a few trails more efficient, dispersed some fire rings and got to work on some of the graffiti that popped up here over the winter.  There were some interesting finds in the trash aspect of things.  A very worn out boot was found near a few empty bottles of vodka.  Inside the boot was the business card of a well known Wasatch climber.

We would also like to thank the individual who was smug and ‘green’ enough to purchase the Organic bananas from his local grocer.  If only he cared enough to actually throw them away when he was done.  In case you weren’t aware, banana peels really don’t decompose all that fast, and the stickers that come on them don’t seem to break down at all.


We had some Non-Toxic biodegradable citrus cleanser that was supposed to help us with the spray paint.  I think the biggest benefit we got from it was the rest period between scrubbing while we could spray more of that stuff on the rock.  Elbow grease seemed to be the only thing that really worked.

One small boulder in the parking lot simply got flipped onto another side in order to hide the tag from the well known and very deadly “X3” gang.

Starred Photos5_BDB1600

A bit of clean up in the boulders and on the approach to several nearby areas helped us find a few fire pits.  We dispersed of the coals and scrubbed as much of the soot off of the rocks overhead.  A few folks snuck in some pitches while we warmed up the grill._BDB1620

6 Cheesy-brats, 5 pork ribs, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 hot Italian bratwursts, 2 flat iron steaks and a ton of jalapenos later and we packed up shop and headed back down the canyon.  This should be enough good karma to ensure a few hard sends and some undiscovered classics!_BDB1612 _BDB1635 (Pork grease is like liquid napalm.  Better for it to spew here than on the roof of my mouth.)


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