NST Wide Boyz Poster

Head on over to the Front Climbing Club Thursday, August 15, 2013.  Swing by after work, climb for a few hours and get nice and pumped.  Then a few laps on the treadwall to make sure you are totally spent.

After that, join us for some BBQ action.  BYO and we will have the coals sizzling for ya.  Once it gets dark enough, we will move inside for a free showing of Chris Alstrin’s film, Wide Boyz.

The World of offwidth crack climbing is a strange sub-culture rumored to be dominated by knuckle-dragging, bar-brawling, dirt-bags! The climbing is tough, painful and bloody. Two climbers from England, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, set out to explore this world and climb the world’s hardest offwidths. They complete a brutal two-year training regime, mostly spent hanging upside down in a suburban Sheffield basement, before embarking on a tour of the USA. The tour culminates in the first ascent of the ultimate offwidth test piece, Century Crack, The world’s hardest offwidth.

Let these Brits motivate you to turn your summer training up a notch. Or just come eat tasty grillables and use the extra weight to help ya out on those friction slabs.


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